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Elite TrueTrak Technology
What is Elite TrueTrak Technology?

Elite TrueTrak Technology is a unique and complex algorithm that decides where Elite Sites rank in the search results. TrueTrak Technology uses the Elite Site Seal to measure each Elite Site based on the number of unique visitors it receives. In short, this means the most popular sites appear at the top of the search results, making it easier for you to find the best sites on the web.

There are several other considerations that go into making TrueTrak technology the most reliable measure of the best sites on the web. If you’re a regular Internet user, you really don’t need to worry about these. However, if you’re a tech-savvy user, bound by incessant curiosity, read on to learn about the nitty-gritty of it all.


Powered By TrueTrak Technology
Exactly how does Elite TrueTrak Technology work?
TrueTrak Technology incorporates several measures into a complicated algorithm. This real-time calculation determines a site’s relevancy and total Elite Points, then ranks it accordingly. Here is the gist of how it all breaks down:
  • When a website is selected and approved as an Elite Site, it earns the right to display the Elite Site Seal. The Seal has a dual purpose:
    1. It acts as a symbol of quality and trust, so users know this site has been selected, reviewed and approved through rigorous
    criteria by a real person in the Elite Answers Team.
    2. It acts as a tracker, keeping score of each unique visitor the site receives. This data is kept strictly confidential and is made
    available only to the owners of that site.

  • Elite Sites that display the Seal receive 1 point per unique visitor to the site.

  • Elite Sites that display the Seal also receive 50 bonus points each week for simply displaying the Seal.

  • Elite Sites that choose not to display the seal are ineligible to receive points based on visitors or Seal display, but can still earn points in several different ways.

  • Each site is subtracted 1 point every time a unique user clicks on its listing from the Elite Answers Search Results. However, as the site receives 1 point per unique visitor, this calculation balances out to zero. This way, we really measure the sites that are most well-liked by users, as opposed to the sites that always appear first in search results and are therefore clicked most often.

  • Elite Points are tracked on a monthly basis. At the end of each month, TrueTrak Technology calculates a net balance for each site. This calculation equals the amount of points a site earned that month, minus the amount of points it spent on Elite Enhancements.

  • Unused Elite Points expire after one year based on a monthly calculation. Basically, if a site earns 1,000 points in June 2006 and uses 600 of them, the site has 400 unused points for that month. These 400 points remain in the site’s account for one full year. In June 2007, the 400 points expire and are therefore subtracted from that account. This ensures new Elite Sites have a fair chance of catching up to older sites in terms of visitor-based and Seal-based points. Otherwise, veteran Elite Sites would accumulate points and always guarantee their spot at the top, undermining newer Elite Sites, which may be more popular and more relevant at that time.

  • Elite Sites can also purchase points and/or earn them in exclusive games available to all Elite Site owners in Elite Answers’s Webmaster Central.

  • When a user conducts a search on Elite Answers, the search engine returns all matching Elite Sites, as well as a compilation of matching sites from 8 of the web’s top search engines. Elite TrueTrak Technology only applies to Elite Sites. TrueTrak gathers the most relevant Elite Sites, then measures them and organizes the results based on how many points each site has at that precise moment.
What does ‘real-time’ calculation mean?

When Elite TrueTrak Technology calculates the points of an Elite Site, it considers the exact amount of points the site has at that precise moment in time. That means if the site has had 5 new visitors in the last 30 seconds, the 5 Elite Points the site earned for those visitors are already taken into account when a user conducts a search. We do this to ensure that you always get the most accurate and relevant search results.

How does an Elite Site earn Elite Points?
  • Unique Site Visitors: Elite Sites that display the Elite Site Seal receive 1 point per unique visitor to the site.

  • Display the Seal: All Elite Sites get 50 bonus points per week for simply displaying the Elite Site Seal and showing their users they are Elite.

  • Purchase Points: Elite Sites can purchase Elite Points in blocks. To visit the Webmaster Central demo and learn more about this, click here.

  • Win Points: At Elite Answers, we believe there’s always room for some good old-fashioned fun. Elite Site owners can win points by playing exclusive online games like Webmaster Wager, Elite Dice and Elite Lotto. These games are available to all Elite Sites in the Playground section of Elite Answers Webmaster Central.

What are Elite Enhancements?

Elite Enhancements are exclusive search listing features available to all Elite Sites. Site owners can use their Elite Points to jazz up their search engine listings in several ways, including changing the listing color, adding their logo to the listing, adding site links to the listing and much more. For a full list of Elite Enhancements, visit the Webmaster Central demo Points Studio.

What is the Elite Site Seal?
The Elite Site Seal is a mark of prestige. It is awarded only to sites that excel in Elite Answers’s rigorous evaluation process, on the basis of content, design, navigation and utility. All sites that display the Elite Site Seal are hand-picked Elite Sites and are members of the exclusive Elite Answers Search Directory.

The Elite Site Seal is also the core of Elite TrueTrak Technology. The Seal enables Elite Answers to track a site’s real-time visitor statistics, which are kept strictly confidential and made available exclusively to the owner of that site.

How do I find out how many Elite Points a site has?

Unfortunately, general users cannot see how many points an Elite Site has. Elite Answers takes the privacy of its users very seriously, so we keep site statistics like Elite Points strictly confidential. Elite Site owners have exclusive access to comprehensive statistics on their sites, including visitor tracking, search performance and more. If you are an Elite Site owner and wish to access this information, login to Webmaster Central at http://directory.eliteanswers.com and click on the Statistics tab.

How can my site become an Elite Site?

Applying to be Elite is quick and easy. To get started, click here.

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